Friday, August 13, 2010

Pretty Trixie

The other day I was trying to cut some fabric for a project and Trixie was being a complete pest (although she will insist she was just trying to help).

The real problem was she was hungry - she didn't like what she was offered for dinner so she didn't eat it and then she insisted I feed her something else.

I had a fabric scrap so I tied a pretty plaid bow around her neck. Needless to say she was not pleased. She proved to be quite an uncooperative model - no posing, no smising. I got in a few shots and my favorites are posted below.
This is the classic "indignant cat" pose.

And here is another cat classic - the "I refuse to make eye contact" pose.

And finally the "What am I going to poop on to show you how unhappy I am?" pose.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Roxy's Little Known Talent

While we all know she has the ability to make Michael pet her every time she flops on the floor in front of him - a little known fact about Roxy is she is also a bit of an architect, or maybe interior designer.....
She likes to take over cardboard boxes and make them her own. She claws and digs at them to get them "just right". It can take her weeks and usually before the process is complete, the box will get ruined by Trixie or Beckham being in appropriate with her special space.
This particular box was a long standing project for Roxy. Due to structural integrity issues we finally had to send it to the recycling bin - but not before snapping a photo of her achievement.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

She Sells Seashells

I'm working on some cake decorations. I made the shells below using gum paste and lollipop molds (that's right combining two of my classes this year).

I think they turned out pretty good, even without any luster dust.

But then I lightly dusted the edges in bronze and the entire shell in super pearl luster dust - now they look great.

Even though I used molds each shell and starfish is a little different and I love that - the imperfections give them a more natural feel.
I'm working on plumeria flowers to go with the shells - together they should be really cute. I also have a request for a giraffe cake - yikes! I found some horse cupcakes that I think I can turn in to giraffe cupcakes....I better get practicing.

My Latest Favorite Thing

This necklace is made by a designer that sells her pieces on Etsy. I saw some pieces on display when we went to Governor's Island. (They had a small store dedicated to local designers - I didn't buy anything but took cards so I could look them up when I got home.) Her little houses and trees were just so cute; they really appealed to me.

Now I need to find a really cool long gold necklace and I can complete my Jules Cobb inspired jewelry look! (And yes, that is why I purchased the pendant in gold, I was inspired by Jules. Jealous much?)

Sandy Hook

We had really nice weather on Saturday. It wasn't too hot and it wasn't too humid. We took advantage of the perfect day and spent it on the beach in Sandy Hook.
Sandy Hook is a nature preserve that is part of the Jersey shore - not that Jersey shore - it has miles of really nice sandy coast line that reminds us of San Diego beaches.
Getting to Sandy Hook requires about a half hour ferry ride. Once you are at the dock there are shuttle buses that can take you to different parts of the beach. We chose to walk to the closest beach area, as our previous experience with the shuttle buses was less than great. (The buses don't seem to run on a regular route or schedule.)
We rented an umbrella and spent 5 hours enjoying the sea breeze. We probably could have stayed longer but the umbrella had to be returned by 5 and the snack bar was closing at 6. We decided to catch the 5:45pm ferry boat back to NYC.
All summer we have been dreaming of a beach day, but we didn't want to go on a day when it was oppressively humid or when it was raining. We finally got our visit and it was well worth the wait.