Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Well it has been a very busy summer and now that summer is over it is time for me to update the blog!

July birthday month started off with a long weekend in Atlanta for Braves baseball, of course!

Michael flew down to Atlanta early on Friday and enjoyed the night game. I was the support crew. I flew down with the bags after work Friday night and joined him for the Saturday and Sunday games.

Michael wore his jersey, which was a mistake in the Atlanta heat. The jersey looks great but the fabric is heavy and doesn't breathe well. It is now reserved for non-summer games.

Pre-game warm up was held at the Bullpen. This bar is located right across the street from Ted Turner Field. If you aren't wearing Braves colors you better find another bar, because it is Braves Country at the Bullpen.

They have indoor and outdoor seating and not only is it a great place to enjoy a cold beer but the people watching is fabulous. We even saw a few fans BYOB with their own decorated koozies (can coolers). I was most impressed, you know I love a good craft project.

We had really cool seats for the Saturday night game. We were right at the outfield wall (and I'm sure there is a better way to explain our seats, but just look at the photo below and you can see our view).

It was an interesting perspective, but it was really hard to see the pitches.

Just in front of us we had a pair of husband and wife hecklers. They were giving the opposing team outfielder quite an earful the entire game. The best part was most of the time the things they were yelling were really stupid. My favorite was "Scott, you're terrible - you play for the Orioles." Well really, that is more fact than anything else - because Luke Scott is an outfielder for the Orioles. Usually the husband was in charge of the heckling, but the wife was not afraid to jump in when necessary. They were quite the pair and clearly well suited for each other.

After our BBQ dinner we enjoyed watching the Braves Win, Braves Win, Braves Win!!!

I loved this shot outside of the Braves Hall of Fame.

Sunday was a day game and Michael made sure to buy us seats in the shade! We also had access to an air conditioned interior section of the field. Not only did we stay cool but there were good food vendors in the area as well. I had a delicious gyro sandwich made fresh right in front of me. Other gourmet food options (all made to order) included sushi, hot dogs with special toppings, and pasta.

We flew home on the 4th of July, in time to see the big NYC fireworks show from our roof. We went up early and secured a prime viewing spot. Not only were we treated to a spectacular fireworks show but the sunset was amazing that night as well.

For Michael's actual birthday we enjoyed dinner at Colicchio & Sons. The space used to be craftsteak, but is now transformed in to a new Tom Colicchio restaurant. Dinner did not disappoint - it was a perfect ending to a nice long Michael birthday weekend.