Sunday, April 26, 2009

Macy's Flower Show

Every spring Macy's decorates the main display windows and the first floor of the store with tons and tons of flowers. The displays are absolutely amazing. This year the theme was tropical with orchids dangling from the ceiling and pink flamingos in all of the windows. Most of the flowers they used this year were pink - it was very bright and fun.

It was packed when I went, so I wasn't able to get good shots of the windows and unfortunately my indoor shots are dark. I think I needed to force the flash. I'll post a few pix just so you can get the gist of how beautiful the store is and the work that goes in to the display.

More cupcakes

Yay for birthdays because that means I get to make delicious cupcakes.

This time I whipped up a double batch of cappuccino chip cupcakes topped with mocha buttercream and shaved German sweet chocolate.

I tried to make chocolate curls, but definitely didn't have the right tools or technique because they just were chocolate shavings.

They still looked really nice and someone even asked if they were from one of our local bakeries! I considered that a big compliment.

Ahh Spring!

Well it was more like summer today, with temperatures well in to the 80's - but last weekend we had a brief taste of spring weather. Winter has held on for far too long this year, it was so nice to get up to the New York Botanical Garden and see some early blooms and let the sun soak in my bones.
They had a pretty grove of magnolia trees in full bloom - (the cherry blossoms should be next weekend at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden).
There were so many people standing around taking photos it was hard to get a shot of just the trees.
Michael going off the trail for a better shot.
And finally a Michael patented self portrait.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Thanks for the idea Mel

After an idea from Mel - it was arts and crafts time yesterday afternoon.

Using a gold paint pen, crystals, and super glue my $2.50 Old Navy flip flops are bling'd out for the summer.

My second pair is less flashy, but definitely much more interesting than a plain blue rubber flip flop.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist

It all started last winter....

I chipped a molar, it didn't hurt so I decided to wait to get it fixed. It's hard to find time to go to the dentist over the holidays and why pay my deductible at the end of the year.

Finally I went in for my normal cleaning and of course the dentist confirmed a chunk of my tooth was missing. Unfortunately the missing piece was on top of a filling, which meant nothing to me until the dentist explained he would need to drill out some or all of the filling to fix my tooth.

Last week I went in for the appointment. After looking at the tooth he said it was a very sensitive part of the mouth and getting the injection to numb the area would probably cause more pain than just drilling. He left the decision up to me, but let me know he would go slow and if there was any sensitivity he would stop drilling and give me the injection to numb the area.

Well he was right, he was able to drill and fill and it really didn't hurt at all. I left feeling pretty darn bad ass - I mean really, how many people can get dental work like that without a little something to numb the area?

As it turns out apparently lots of people....I told Michael about my appointment and then it happened - *pop* he totally burst my bubble. He goes to the same dentist and last year he had to get work done, and guess what....the dentist gave him the same line almost verbatim. Obviously our dentist figured out that most dental work must not require numbing agents, so he saves time and money by talking his patients in to not using them. In all fairness it really didn't hurt and it was nice to walk out of the office without a face that was half numb. But I think it's funny how good he is at selling the idea.