Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/2 Marathon Training

Today completes my first full week of training. (I started this blog a few weeks ago -so this will be an update and a look back .)

I downloaded a plan from the Internet and it seems quite reasonable. Of course in my head I was a week behind schedule but when I put dates to the plan I am actually two weeks behind! I skipped week one and I will skip week three to put me on track. Good thing I figured this out in week 2 and not week 10!

The training schedule includes running, cross training, strength training, and stretching - a well balanced plan. Every weekend includes a 'long run'.

I've been running on the treadmill and training inside the gym in our building. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and (relatively) warm so I decided to hit the pavement and tackle my long run outside. It was the first time I have run outside. Wow did it suck! I needed to do four miles and ended up just under 3 miles (according to my pedometer). And I walked a good portion of that.

I had some wardrobe problems and had to consult a marathon veteran to find out how to best combat wedgies. (Thanks Lisa D. for all of the advice and the phrase that was the most unlikely thing I would ever have someone tell me in my life - I inspired her to go out and have a run that afternoon. Really? Wow that was pretty cool.)

I spent a week in gum paste flower class in Atlanta. What a challenge to keep up with my routine. I did book a hotel with a gym, but what a crappy gym indeed. It was a small, hot, windowless smelly room that had one treadmill, one eliptical, and a rack of dumb bells. I checked with the front desk about the air in the room multiple times. They were less than helpful. I would exercise with the door propped open by a dumb bell and that helped a little bit. The night I had to do my "long run" I left the door propped open for a few hours before I ran in an effort to try and cool the room down pre-run. While the front desk staff was useless in turning on any air conditioning they were very good about making sure when I asked to keep the door propped open it stayed open. The weather in Atlanta was freezing (in the 20s and 30s) and we were in an industrial area - if you are wondering why I didn't try to run outside. I did maintain my schedule, I was under the non-sweeping pace but I logged the miles.

Last night was the end of training week 5. My "long run" was 6 miles, the most I have done in one session to date. It wasn't bad. Did you know when you run that far you burn over 600 calories! I'm still not at the pace I need to not get swept. (So start preparing those nice phrases that make me feel better when I do get swept "it was your first time, you'll do better next time", "it was the effort that counts", etc.)

I still need to get outside and log some miles. It was absolutely freezing here this weekend (in the low 20s). Maybe next weekend I can get out to Central Park and test some of the course.

For Top Chef Fans

This is for Mel and Becky.

I've been meaning to post this to the blog for awhile - I caught this show on New York chefs before Christmas. The show itself wasn't great; it was a local production and the hostess was focused on 'stalking' chefs.

But this little gem came from the show - yes, that is Tom Colicchio with hair! (I think that might be Damon Wise in the background, but I'm not sure.)

The photo and video quality isn't fantastic as they are from my Blackberry recording the television.

The show information didn't provide a date, but seeing how Tom looks it must have been quite a while ago. I think he looks younger now with no hair than he did back then with the long gray hair.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bleecker St.

After living here for more than 3 years I have never visited the jazz/live music clubs on Bleecker St. They are famous for starting big name careers over the years.

Tuesday night I went out with some people from work (they were in town for a convention - stop thinking I went out with the cats!) and we did a nice tour of Bleecker.

We started with dinner at Fish - one of our new favorite restaurants. In fact if you have been in town to visit lately you've probably been there with us. Not only do we like it, but we like to take guests there as well. Once again Fish did not disappoint (and when you have PBR on tap, it is highly unlikely you will disappoint), the crowd left satisfied but ready for some adventure.

We took a short walk on Bleecker to Terra Blues. We did have to pay a $5 cover, but we sat in on two sets of live Blues. After the end of the second set we moved on to Kenny's Castaway. Kenny's had no cover (sweet!) and Tuesday night is 'neighborhood night'. If you have an instrument you can get on stage and play. They were pretty open with their definition of instruments - next time I am going to show up with my cowbell (because you all know it needed more cowbell). It was a laid back place where even people who were obviously not from the neighborhood were welcomed.

A night where I was just expecting dinner turned out to be a blast and the Manhattan office racked up some good PR.

For everyone that is planning to visit this is a preview - because you know once I find something I like I must share!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No One Puts Baby In A Corner

Part of a series on 'Where's Beckham?'

Recently Beckham (the youngest cat - so he sometimes gets called 'baby') has been hanging out in the corner of the apartment underneath a chair.

As uncomfortable as it might seem, apparently there is a heater on the other side of the wall. The wall and baseboard are very warm and the entire corner gets nice and toasty.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ahh Delivery

Even by our standards the fridge was really empty last week.

We had been gone over Christmas and we had company in town the week of New Year's (meaning we were eating out all week). By last week it was Mother Hubbard's cupboard - there was basically nothing to eat.

Luckily Michael did one quick trip to the store so we had milk, a small block of cheese, eggs, English muffins, ice tea, tonic water, sparkling wine, and a couple slices of leftover pizza.

Fresh Direct to the rescue!
A few clicks of the mouse and the very next day I had at least a week of meals and I didn't have to go outside in the freezing weather. I love the magic of delivery!

The outside of our fridge had an upgrade as well. My friend in OR sent some very colorful artwork created by her (almost) 3 year old son. Yay for tempura paint and glitter.

Big News

Alternate title: Words I Never Thought Would Come Out of My Mouth

I am running in the NYC Half Marathon on March 21, 2010!

I submitted an application last month and through the lottery system it was accepted and I was assigned a bib number last week.

Time to hit the gym. I have a 12 week training schedule to get me ready. Of course I didn't do anything last week so I am a week behind. I'm just going to start today with week 2.

All racers have to be on target to finish in 3 hours or less. If you are running at a slower pace they come around about mile 7 and pick you up in a sweeper van. My only goal is to not get picked up by the van. (I have images of me running right in front of the van - just trying to stay a few feet ahead of it.)

The course is pretty cool. It starts in Central Park, goes through Times Sq. and finishes in Battery Park.

Wish me luck - I'll need it!