Tuesday, October 31, 2006


13 years old
Black and White, Domestic Long Hair
Likes: IAMS crunchies, IAMS gravy from the foil food packets, Pounce and long naps in the sunshine
Dislikes: Sadie's grooming, Trixie on his chair, and Joey punking him out of a good sleeping spot

Blackjack is the elder statesman of the group.

I've had him most of his life. Blackjack was on clearance at a pet store, I don't even know why I went in the pet store, but I did and the sight of a cat priced to sell was just pitiful. I waited a day and went back and brought him home. He was so shy - he hid behind the bed for about 3 weeks.

Sadie is Blackjack's girlfriend and she has a lot of love to give. Sometimes Blackjack gets tired of Sadie's love.