Monday, July 09, 2007

Who Needs the Kwik E Mart?

7-11 and The Simpsons Movie joined forces for a huge cross-promotion.
Twelve 7-11 stores were turned in to Springfield Kwik E Marts overnight.
If you are a Simpsons fan you will love all of the little touches.
The outside of the store from across the street.
Window advertisement for Buzz cola (they are selling Buzz cola, but limited quantities make it impossible to find on the shelves)
Can you read the small print on the Springfield Bank sign?
9 of the Simpsons characters have been placed throughout the store, including:
Ralph, Jasper, and Comic Book Guy
and Chief Wiggum
They even have the Squishee machine with a special limited edition blue vanilla woo hoo flavor.
And of course there is the Home Simpson signature doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles available for purchase. I suspect it tastes like any other doughnut from 7-11, but the signage is much better!
There are change jars at the counters collecting money for 'Krusty's Kids' and the employees have official Kwik E Mart uniforms.
(This gentleman was nice enough to pose for me, even though he thought I was totally crazy for wanting to take a picture of him.)
Lyrics from Who Needs the Kwik E Mart:
whether igloo hut or lean-to
or geodisic dome
there's no place that i have been-to
that i'd rather call home
when i first arrived you were all such jerks
but now i've come to love your quirks
maggie with her eyes so bright
marge with hair by frank lloyd wright
lisa can philosophise
bart's adept at spinning lies
homer's a delightful fella
sorry 'bout the salmonela (he- he thats OK)
who needs the quik-e-mart
now here's the tricky part
oh won't you rhyme with me?
who needs the quik-e-mart
their floors are sticky-mart
they made dad sicky-mart
lets Hurl a brick-e-mart
the quik-e-mart is really d'oh
who needs the quik-e-mart not me
who needs the quik-e-mart not me
who needs the quik-e-mart?
i dooooooo