Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What I Did Last Weekend

Michael was in Sacramento for a wedding, so I was left to my own devices in the big city.

Of course I had grand plans for getting all kinds of projects done, and cleaning, and running errands, and doing some fun stuff too.

I made my list and checked it twice - I had each day planned for maximum efficiency.

Well my list pretty much went out the window but I did finish some projects, a few errands, and a little bit of cleaning.

Saturday morning I got sucked in to the Project Runway Season 2 marathon on Bravo. Darn those Bravo programming directors, they get me every time!

I did make it out of the apartment on Saturday, the highlight of my day was going to 'Bodies the Exhibition'. This exhibit is showing around the country, if you get a chance to see it you should go - it is worth the price of admission. What an amazing way to see what is under our skin. My favorite displays were the systems of blood vessels - intricate networks of arteries and veins suspended in liquid filled display cases. Did you know every single drop of blood in our body is pumped through the heart about once each minute?

And the best part of the weekend was the great seat I secured for the musical 'Curtains'.

I was able to get front row mezzanine center, and because it was last minute and David Hyde Pierce was on vacation the price was about 1/2 of the normal ticket price. The show was fun, good costumes and musical numbers and an interesting storyline. Basically it is a murder mystery musical (and I do love a good murder mystery). The star of the show is murdered on opening night and the rest of the play is spent trying to solve the case. As they say, the show must go on, so the cast is forced to rehearse with a new star as the mystery is being solved. Because some of the big musical numbers are from the show that is being rehearsed they seem out of place. But is does allow for some good old Broadway show tunes to wow the audience. My favorite part, the conductor actually has a singing part and he nailed it! Oh and even though David Hyde Pierce was on vacation, one of the leading actresses played George's mom on Grey's Anatomy!