Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NYC Marathon 2007

Last Sunday 39,000 ran 26 miles 385 yards through the five boroughs of New York to complete the New York Marathon.

The Upper East Side is home to lots of marathon activity. We walked just a few blocks east to see the runners going up First Ave.

It's a big party for the people not running. The streets are lined with people clapping and cheering. Lots of people put their names on their shirts and people will just randomly yell encouragement along the way.

We were right by mile 18 and an official timer - at this point the marathon the leaders were across the finish line but the majority of the runners were still on the course. (Lance Armstrong was already across the finish line too.)

It's really big party for the people not running - look at the people on the fire escape, yes the shiny things are a stack of beer cans! They also had a bull horn and were cheering for the runners.

After lunch we headed west and watched the runners going down Fifth Ave. They are just about to enter Central Park. They just have a few miles left at this point.

It was amazing that so many were running. I kept telling Michael next year we are going to run it - we'll see how that works out!

And it was a perfect day to debut my new winter hat!

Back view of the new hat.