Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cookie Trials

I finally started trying some recipes for the cookie exchange extravaganza next week.

Cookie #1 - a delicious gingersnap lemon cream sandwich cookie. Once I got the gingersnaps to be more chewy and less snappy it tasted great. But they are a pain to make and I would have to make 2x the amount of cookies and icing too - way too much work to make 13 dozen of these gems.

They are being taste tested now, no early reports. If nothing else they look good on the plate.

Cookie #2 - a mini black & white cookie. As a tribute to New York City I thought a small size black & white cookie would be really cute. Well I mixed up the dough and started baking. No matter how much or how little batter I put on the cookie sheet they totally flattened out in to pancakes. Maybe my baking soda was bad? I don't know - but cookie #2 is headed straight to the dumpster.

Back to the oven tonight!