Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I Did This Summer....

It has been a busy summer - so many things to blog but so little time to blog.

This is going to be a bit of a catch up entry and I'll do some separate entries for the really good stuff.

In July Michael went to CA to visit friends and family. I took the opportunity to have a little KO Broadway weekend. Friday night I went to the play 'Boeing, Boeing'. The show is a revival of a French show from the 60's. It is about an architect living in Paris and juggling 3 flight attendants fiancées- of course one day they all happen to be in Paris at the same time. The cast was made up of 6 start studded actors: Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, Christine Baranski, Gina Gershon, Mary McCormack, and Kathryn Hahn (you might not know her name - but you know her). It was full of innuendo, physical comedy, and that cool 60's vibe. The best part is the curtain call; the entire cast comes out and dances the samba. I absolutely loved it. Miss Karen would love it - of course she has probably already seen it in Paris! During the show the cell phone of a woman across the aisle from me started ringing - of course it was one of those big loud long ring tones. While her husband gave her dirty looks she rummaged through her bag and finally managed to turn it off. No less than 15 minutes later her husband's cell phone rings! And he answers it!! He told the person on the phone he was at a play and would call him back, hung up and did not shut off his phone!!!

Saturday night I went with one of our neighbors to see the movie 'Mamma Mia'. It was just totally fluff and fun - I really enjoyed it too (even Pierce Bronson's singing).

On Sunday I went to a matinee of 'Chorus Line', starring Mario Lopez. He was great at the dancing, fine at the acting, and I'm pretty sure he didn't sing. It was a good show, but not one I would go back to see again. I had a couple of moms and daughters in the row behind me. They had visited the M&M store before coming to the show. The girls both had cellophane bags of M&M's they ate through the show - that crinkling plastic noise drove me crazy. They got the stink eye more than once. Ironically the movie theatre crowd was the most considerate.

When Michael came back from CA it was Summer Restaurant Week!

Of course we ate at some of our old favorites and had some amazing meals: Mesa Grill, Lure Fishbar, and T-Bar Steakhouse. But we did work in some new places - the most average meal we had was from City Hall in Tribeca. The service was horribly slow - at least 30 minutes between courses. The food was fine, but not outstanding - while we weren't disappointed we won't be heading back any time soon. We had a fabulous dinner at Tribeca Grill. It's a pretty trendy place that has pretty decent Zagat ratings. We both loved our meals and would definitely go back - even not during Restaurant Week. Two places we enjoyed, but were pricey and best enjoyed during Restaurant Week were Primehouse NY and Devi. Primehouse NY is an ultra cool steakhouse in the Union Sq area. Very hip and very expensive. Devi is high end Indian food. I had a prawn dish that was out of this world - the huge prawns were coated in some kind of spicy dry rub, I loved every bite. Now it's back to cooking dinner again! It's so easy to get spoiled during Restaurant Week.

We took the train out to Jones Beach one night to see the Maroon 5 and the Counting Crows perform. Jones Beach is a New York equivalent of the Coors Amphitheatre, but on the water. It was stressful getting out there because we were both busy with work, but we made it right on time.

I had a chance to see Madam Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. She spoke to a group of 200 at our local Y. She was completely inspiring. I was ready to being volunteering for the DNC, until I read her book. Unfortunately the passion she shows while speaking didn't translate to the written page. I would gladly go see her speak again, but I think I'll pass on her next book.

We made a few trips out to the beaches of Long Island - none of them are worth the blog space. Unless we go to Sandy Hook we won't be going to the beach any more this summer. It involves too many transfers on the train, not enough trains, and the last trip we were eaten alive by mosquitoes (especially the sweet meat of Michael).

I think that pretty much gets me caught up, except for our few weekend get aways - no 'staycations' for us! (I can't stand that word, and unfortunately it is the buzz word for the summer!)