Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm in love

with my new shoes - my first pair of Manolos!

They are a fabulous silver peep toe with Swarovski crystal buckles across the toes.

I tied to take a picture with no flash, to capture the crystal detail - it didn't exactly work, but you get a better shot of the buckles.

I haven't worn them outside yet, but they have been up and down the apartment for hours on end.

And of course there is a back story -

A few weeks ago I went to the big semi-annual Barney's Warehouse sale. It is legendary in the city. I cruised through the men's wear, home goods, and kids clothes before I hit the shoes. They were piled on to gray metal shelves and similar to Nordstrom Rack, only the right shoe is available for trying. When you finally decide on a pair you must go the the backroom area and hand your shoes over for a sales associated to find the mate and box.

They had shoe after fabulous shoes on the shelves - Prada, Manolo, and Louboutin and I tried them all. I discovered my Manolo pretty early on and wore it for so long they could have charged me rent. With every right shoe I tried I clung to that beautiful silver peep toe in my left hand. They were pretty pricey and after about two hours I decided I would 'hide' them in the shelves and go look at the clothes. I tried on a few items, but nothing really worked - so I went back to find my shoes. I had pretty much decided they were too expensive and too impractical but that I would get the mate and at least try on the pair. Well as I had them both on Michael called to confirm our dinner plans. I told him where I was and that I had on a fabulous but ridiculously expensive pair of shoes and I even though I loved them I was going to put them back (for some reason I was feeling a wee bit practical that evening). I was pretty sure he was going to back my decision and be a strong voice of reason - well lo and behold he asked me how much they were and offered to pay for half! I asked one more time 'are you sure?' quickly said thank you and hung up the phone! Score! They were mine! Bring on the shopping high.

As I was showing them off later that evening he said 'everyone needs to have a Cadillac in the garage' - so thanks to his generosity my Cadillacs are anxiously awaiting their public debut.