Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Anthropologie Holiday Windows 2009

Well with HGTV not doing their holiday window special I am going to step up and do my part - I'll even give you windows and decorations they never covered!
Some of my favorite windows are the displays at the HUGE Anthropologie store at Rockefeller Center. They make their displays with unusual materials and they usually find a way to sneak in a hidden message.
In this window they use fabric, bunting, and bubble wrap to create 'snow' drifts.

This is a close up of how the materials are layered.

In this window the letters 'S' 'N' 'O' and 'W' are falling from the ceiling (get it, falling snow). My favorite part was the snowball that was really a little mouse igloo.

A close up of the mouse house:

All of the white squares and rectangles are pieces of fabric.

The trees are made from loops of long ribbons.

And finally these huge snowballs - some had tags with names on them. I'm not sure if that meant it was supposed to be a gift or if that is the intended snowball target??