Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remember When We Had Snow Days

It's hard to believe just 6 weeks ago we were playing in the snow - lots and lots of snow.

In Vermont we tried tubing, basically sledding but instead of a small hard sled you glide across the snow in a big bouncy tube. I thought we could just use our inflatable tubes from the lazy river in Las Vegas - not so much. They would have been shredded after the first run. The snow tubes are made from super thick plastic and they are covered with nylon. The tubes offer ample cushion over rocks and bumps - a key improvement over the sled.

Behind our hotel was a small 'adventure' course. They had rope ladders, a zip line, an ice climbing wall, and a small basin for tubing or sledding. We signed up for two hours of tubing and rented our equipment. They are smart enough to require helmets.

We started off small and well, I kept my runs pretty tame. I had some cute video clips but I can't get them to load! It's so frustrating. I've tried so many times - I'm just going to post without video and if I figure out how to add them I will.

I was still in 1/2 marathon training when we were in VT. I counted tubing as my cross-training for the day. Getting myself and my tube up those hills was a workout!
There are ski resorts that have tubing runs, you hook your tube to a tow rope and ride to the top of a hill and then slide down. Based on the fun we had on the little tubing course in Vermont we would have a great time on the bigger runs.