Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Personalized Onesies

When Michael was in LA a few weekends ago I did a huge closet cleaning. I pulled just about everything out of my closet and craft cart and sorted and organized. For most of the weekend the apartment looked like an episode of 'Hoarders'. Of course it was all put away by Sunday night (well most of it anyway - I still have a pile of clothes to list on eBay and a pile of stuff that is destined for Goodwill).

I found 3 packages of onesies in assorted sizes (from previous craft projects). They were screaming for some fruit crate labels and vintage travel posters. I knew they would be a perfect gift for our friends having baby number two in just a few weeks.
I tried to tailor the travel sites to places our friends have visited - Nantucket, Alaska, Atlantic City, and California. And there are plenty of NYC onesies as well.
The vintage fruit crate labels are an old favorite of mine. The artwork is copy right free and just beautiful. The colors pop and I like the history with its strong California roots.
The birthday girl did get two custom onesies. I have seen several versions of the name tag onesie and thought it was really cute. Since I knew her name I could add it in with the label. And the 'first birthday' design is inspired by the NYC subway. Luckily the subway line markers are very graphic so it was easy for me to re-create the look.
For baby number two I don't know the name yet. The onesies have generic name tags and the parents can fill in the name with a Sharpie pen after the baby is born.