Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"I think there is a 'U' in it."

The Icelandic language is difficult to say the least - 36 letters including 12 vowels. Two consonants are common to Old English. Most words look they were formed by one of our cats walking on the keyboard. Modern Icelandic is so similar to the language the Vikings used most people in Iceland can read the early Viking texts.

While Reykjavik is easy to navigate on foot, the street names can be quite difficult to read. Our first night in the city we were walking back to our hotel and we came to an intersection. I looked at the street sign and announced, "This isn't our street, I think ours has a 'u' in it." Michael started laughing so hard when he heard this - as you can see from his photos below, just about every street name has a 'u' in it!

In case you were wondering - the photo below is the street name where our hotel was located - and while it has just about every other letter in the alphabet there is no 'u' in it!