Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy B-day Crafts

Seattle Karen celebrated a birthday last week - I was in the mood to craft so she got a box filled with treats.

I started with an embroidered dish towel, my own writing. The dish towel was a recent find at IKEA. I like the red stripes going down the side. It's a little fiesta on a towel.

Karen is the ultimate baker. I made her a batch of cake balls (yellow cake and frosting) dipped in milk chocolate and rainbow sprinkles. They tasted like a chocolate dipped Twinkie. I got the recipe from the 'Cake Pop' cookbook Bex bought me a while back and the funny thing is, Karen got the same cookbook from her hubby for her birthday.

And I found the perfect card so I just stamped the envelope to personalize it. I got the stamp template and chalk ink at Paper Source recently and the stamp in the center was from The Ink Well in NYC. It was a good excuse to play with my new toys.

PS July b-days, don't think you won't get the same stamp! No guarantees on the dish towel or cake balls....