Saturday, July 09, 2011

Big Apple BBQ



What's that? The smell of smoke and roasting meat? Must be time for the Big Apple BBQ.

Truly one of our favorite weekends in the city - pit masters from all over the United States circle their BBQ pits and smokers around Madison Square Park for one weekend of pulled pork and brisket bliss.

Over the years we have learned to start each day with a pulled pork sandwich from Big Bob Gibson's (they are so popular they always run out of meat by the late afternoon).

And when you think you've added enough sauce, give it one more squirt.

And welcome back to one of my favorites - Salt Lick from Austin, Texas serving up their delicious sausage. (They have a location in the Austin airport - you know I am ordering up a sausage sandwich on my way out of town in a few weeks.)

Another one of our favorites is Jim and Nick's BBQ also serving sausage with a side of pimento cheese. I don't want to know what is in pimento cheese all I know is it is creamy and cheesy and a little spicy. A perfect compliment to the smoky sausage.

We did not have great weather for the BBQ this year, Saturday it rained for at least two hours. on the positive side, it made for short food lines later in the day.

Sunday it was warm and sunny, we visited the bourbon tent and 11 Madison Park to enjoy some refreshing beverages (don't you love the color in my drink - it was something with peach and bourbon and quite refreshing).

Once again The Crooners were there to play bluegrass inspired music.

Of course we are already counting down the days to next year's BBQ. (Thank goodness J didn't schedule her wedding for that weekend - it would be almost as bad as the family wedding that was the same day as the USC vs Cal game.)