Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Let's Go Down to Sesame Street

I dusted off the cupcake pan and decorating tips last weekend - time to bake some Sesame Street cupcakes!

The actual cake was my usual Cake Doctor 'Best Birthday Cupcakes" recipe - I made 48 Sesame Street friends for a 1 year old birthday party on Saturday.

I started with Oscar. His cupcake liner was silver foil to represent his trashcan.

Next was Cookie (yes I made the chocolate chip cookies in his mouth). Cookie was a popular choice with the kids at the party - not only did you get a cupcake but a cookie too!

After Cookie, a few Grover cupcakes. I knew he would be the least popular with the little kids but I always liked Grover.

And finally, the rock star of the party.....Elmo!

(His eyes are white chocolate melting wafers with black frosting, his nose is orange frosting, and his mouth is half of an Oreo chocolate wafer with no icing.)

The kids went crazy for the cupcakes. My favorite part was when we were putting them out one dad was holding his son back by grabbing the collar of his shirt because the boy wanted to immediately grab and Elmo cupcake off of the table.

And I did attempt to make Big Bird, but instead we ended up with a few sunflower cupcakes.