Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Making of a Gum Paste Flower

I am still amazed at how a gum paste flower starts out as nothing but a lump of gum paste and in a few relatively easy steps it turns in to a pretty flower.
For the Tiffany cake box, the flower petal base is the same as a traditional rose. 
Once the petal shape is cut from the dough, the front side gets some texture from a veining tool.

After veining, the petal edges are thinned out with a ball tool.

This process was repeated three times and the layers glued together. 

To give the petals some lift and movement, small piece of foam are inserted between the petals as the flower dries.

This particular flower was going on the Tiffany cake, so the center was made to look like a silver brooch using a daisy flower shape for the base.

And a jewelry brooch mold for the center.

The center piece was painted with edible silver and we added edible sugar pearls to make it fancy!

Once the center is glued to the flower petal base, the entire piece is left to set.

And finally it is added to the cake.