Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Little Mermaid on Broadway

The week we came back from the cruise we had tickets to Little Mermaid on Broadway. They were a birthday present from Michael.

The show was another fabulous Disney production. Disney has great sets, huge musical numbers, and elaborate costumes. Each Disney show usually has a tap dance sequence too - I was wondering how they were going to tap during Little Mermaid, but they did!

When the scenes were set underwater they used lighting and movement on the set to create the feeling you were underwater. When the mermaids and fish were on set they glided on Heely's. A very clever way to give the feeling they were swimming.

As I was walking to the theatre (Michael and I were meeting there), a bird pooped on my head right in the middle of Times Square! I just happened to have my hand up on my head to hold my hair back in the wind - so luckily my hand got most of it. I was so upset though as I kept running my hand through my hair and finding more poop! As soon as I met Michael we found a bathroom and I did the best I could to clean up my hair and of course thoroughly wash my hands. My hair looked fine, but my head itched all night - I think not because something was there, but the thought of what was there was running through my mind. Now here's the best part: as we were being seated the usher turns to me and says "Your hair is beautiful."