Tuesday, September 22, 2009

3 Exercises

I did a few things I haven't done in a while today - I cleaned out my e-mail inbox and I checked my blog stats.

My most popular post ever was the list of the highest calorie restaurant meals. In that vein I am posting from an e-mail I have saved for months but never really read until today-

The Three Exercises You Must Do for a Tighter You
By Karen Berney

(I'm going to paraphrase here - because I know you all want to know the 3 exercises but I am really only going to talk about #1 on her list.)

#1 - bicycle the abs

#2 - squat the gluts

#3 - push ups for sculpted arms

Her article has a link to a Discovery Health web page:


The web page ranks "which abdominal exercise is best"

These ab exercises are listed in order from most effective to least effective.

Bicycle maneuver

Captain's chair*

*Captain's chair: You need a piece of gym equipment to do this. In essence, you lift and lower your knees toward your chest while gripping handholds and pressing your back against a back pad.

Crunches on an exercise ball

Vertical leg crunch

Torso Track

Long-arm crunch

Reverse crunch

Crunch with heel push

Ab Roller


Traditional crunch

Exercise tubing pull

Ab Rocker

Source: American Council of Exercise

I am totally fascinated with this - I mean if I am going to the trouble of doing an ab exercise I certainly want to do what is most effective (if you are going to try this at home please read up on the proper form, etc...do your own research because really you shouldn't believe everything you read on the Internet).

I'm really glad the #1 exercise is something I already know how to do - most of these exercises I've never even heard of, no wonder they aren't effective.

And hello infomercial products, I knew you were too good to be true! Ha!

Thanks for setting the record straight American Council of Exercise.

Tonight I scorn the fancy weight room and go back to the basics old school - I should have those sculpted abs in a matter of days, right?