Monday, September 28, 2009


You all should be most impressed that not only did I activate my free week of yoga pass, but I've actually been using it as well.

3 yoga classes in the last 3 days and I am so freakin' sore!

This place is serious - the classrooms are high tech, everything is provided (mats, towels, blocks) and the locker room is absolutely beautiful. The instructors are fabulous but wow do they make you work. Yesterday I was sweating and muscles shaking during the poses - it was a 75 minute basics class that was more work than I've ever done in a yoga class. The class only had about 10 people in it so the instructor really worked with each of us individually to make sure we got each pose.

Unfortunately the regular membership prices are way too expensive for me to even consider joining. But I have 4 more days of classes this week and I intend to make the most out of the free pass before it expires.