Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to My Roots

Embracing my brunette - it was time for a change and I need a color that is easy to maintain at home, so it is back to brown.

Michael bought me a Bumble and Bumble gift certificate for Christmas. But as it turns out I managed to get in as a hair model for Bumble and Bumble. Every 4 months I go in and get a free graduated bob. The stylist that cuts your hair is already a professional working in a salon, they are at B&B to keep their skills fresh. It is a great system; as a hair model I am much more confident of the skills of a working professional instead of a student working towards their license.

I decided to use the gift certificate for a professional color. The colorist did a great job, he added some brighter pieces just around my face and the rest of the hair is dark and shiny. The goal is to maintain the color at home and maybe just visit the salon once or twice a year. Of course I love the color so much I am going to want to go in all the time.