Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beer Island

In honor of Father's Day we spent a lovely afternoon at 'Beer Island'.

Beer Island is just off the boardwalk on Coney Island. It is a beer garden on sand with loud music, run down plastic chairs and tables, and a surprisingly great beer selection.

As previously noted in the Father's Day run post it was miserably hot and humid. (Compared to the heat we've been having the last few weeks it wasn't as warm, but it was very humid.) We decided to head out to the beach in hopes of cooler temperatures and maybe an ocean breeze.

Coney Island is a place that you want to be much nicer than it is. There is a nostalgia to it, but the reality is far different from the memory.

Lucky for us Beer Island wasn't too crowded and, it was cooler at the beach. We secured a great table, far away from the speakers and watched the Coney Island crowd go by. Even though the venue is on the boardwalk, you can't actually see the ocean from the tables. For some reason it seems people in NYC just don't get the allure of being by the water. Apartments that are closer to the rivers are less desirable than apartments that are closer to Central Park. Business don't take advantage of an ocean view - instead they have the tables facing a parking lot and the side of a building.

After spending a few hours looking at the ads on the side of the building, this was my favorite. Grandpa Chacha with his famous home style wine kind of reminds me of Big Daddy O.

And this was Michael's favorite ad - Project Safe Neighborhoods anti-gun campaign peeling down to reveal the Ciroc vodka ad - oh the irony!