Friday, January 14, 2011

Other Holiday Windows Dec 2010

Lord and Taylor usually has what I would call old fashioned windows, others might call them traditional. Usually they feature very Victorian scenes giving us a glimpse of Christmas past.

This year they gathered letters from customers; the letters shared a favorite Christmas memory. Certain letters were depicted in the window scenes.

The letters covered everything from a memory of a first Christmas in New York City with a disco ball silver Christmas tree to baking gingerbread with Mom.

There were about 3 letters/stories per window and various elements of animation. I don't remember the story for the scene below - but I liked the car!

In the scene pictured below, the story for the top floor of the house was a grown up remembering the year he got a new bike for Christmas. He was so excited that even though it was freezing outside he rode his bike for hours Christmas Day.

The bottom floor of the house featured a story from a woman. Her mom made matching home made dresses for her girls every Christmas and they always took a photo in the dresses. Now, as a mother herself she doesn't sew, but she still dresses her family in matching outfits - including the dog!

Of course I loved the memory of baking gingerbread houses. It makes me want to add that to my list of holiday traditions each year. But the best part of the scene is the small Spode tea set on the table. I love my Christmas Spode and it was out from Thanksgiving to New Year's this season.

With the gingerbread scene the wall moved back and forth. One side was the vintage memory and the other was the current memory - the gingerbread house is pretty fancy in the modern version.

After Lord and Taylor we had to see the sights in Rockefeller Center. Here even with the crowds I was able to get a great picture of Michael by the heralding angels.

And of course a classic picture of the Rockefeller Center tree and the ice skating rink.

It was right after this picture when Michael said, "Let me get your picture in front of the tree." And that is when my camera battery died. I said, "Don't worry, I brought a spare." But it was dead too! I wasn't able to get any more photos along the way. It was really a bummer.

It was at that moment Michael knew the digital camera he purchased for me already was going to be the perfect Christmas present. He made sure I opened it before I left for California. I was able to capture the rest of my holiday with a snappy new Canon camera. I didn't have to charge the battery once and I could zoom and take movies - yay! The recurring complaints about my camera should end - at least for a while anyway.