Monday, January 17, 2011

Travel Humor Dec 2010

Yes, I was in California when the Christmas blizzard hit NYC. My flight was cancelled and I was delayed getting back home. It all worked out just fine, but I had a pretty screwy flight to make it back to NYC in time for New Year's.

I was flying US Airways and I went from Sacramento to Phoenix, Phoenix to Charlotte, Charlotte to La Guardia. In total it ended up about 17 hours of travel time door to door.

In Phoenix I was able to snap the photos below - clearly there were some good humored gate agents working the counters.

Thanks for the smile US Airways - I needed it that night!

As a side note - I had only carry on bags but they were gate checking bags for free to your final destination in Sacramento. I decided to check my bag and figured I would see it at some point. But just like me, my bag made all three flights and arrived in LGA right on time.