Sunday, April 17, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We're in Boston to cheer Chris when he runs the marathon on Monday.

As an unexpected treat we were able to go to Fenway Park and watch a Red Sox game. We did no planning (really, not one single idea of where to eat or what to do) for this trip and just booked the same hotel and Chris and the other runners. As it turns out, our hotel is right behind Fenway Park. Michael and I have a "Fenway" view room ( we didn't ask for it, just got lucky). The picture below is Michael looking out our hotel window - he opened the drapes and thought we had a view of some warehouse, before he quickly realized it was Fenway.

The Red Sox are playing at home this weekend and we decided we needed to try and get tickets to the Sunday game.

Anyone who has watched 'Fever Pitch' knows it is impossible to get a seat at Fenway. We found out they sell the unused players and executive tickets an hour and a half before the game begins. We waited in line and ended up getting tickets behind home plate about 30 rows back. They were great seats - you can see our view below. It was fun to watch the pitches flying right at the batters.

Pre-game we toured the park

caught a birds eye view of Yawkey Way (I love how they shut the street down during the game),

enjoyed a beer,

And had hot dog served on top split buns, of course!

Jenn and Chris were able to get tickets as well. Their seats were the front row of the bleachers right over the Red Sox Bull Pen. We met up during the 5th inning for a quick photo op.

I wanted to be back in our seats before 'Sweet Caroline' - it was great. I was able to get a little video, with the audio you can hear how loud the crowd is during the song. This was my favorite part of the game.

Of course Red Sox fans would probably say their favorite part of the game was the final score...Red Sox win!