Monday, April 02, 2012

Cinderella is proof....

A great pair of shoes can change your life!

No, I didn't get a new pair of shoes but I made 29 pairs of cookie shoes for a party.

They were all pumps, but I made about 10 different colors and designs.

This design looked like wedding shoes to me, white with sparkling white sanding sugar.

Next I made a pale yellow with iridescent glitter - they were my favorite but the glitter really doesn't photograph well.

The dark green shoes were studded with gold dragees.

This style was a bright orange coat of royal icing with pink sanding sugar in various shades - very Boca!

I was not so pleased with the yellow and pink dragees, but I wasn't going to change anything.

This style was my attempt as a Tiffany blue. They are covered in a very light Tiffany blue sanding sugar.

And in honor of Princess Catherine with her Prada navy pumps - I made navy pumps studded with silver dragees. Probably a little too 'rocker' for Kate.

Of course I needed some in purple, this is a light purple royal icing topped with sparkling purple sanding sugar (brought home from my recent trip to Seattle. I knew the jar would set off the baggage scanner so I put my two jars of sugar in a separate bin - sure enough they had to be searched!)

This style did not photograph well, but they looked really cool in person. I covered a darker purple royal icing with an iridescent smoky amethyst luster dust. I use luster dust on my gum paste flowers, it was great to find another use for it!

And finally the greens - the first shade of green I made was a little off and then for some reason I added pink dragees. This pair looks like a pair of prickly pear cactus.

And the final two styles - a darker green with white sanding sugar and the same green but coated in gold luster dust. I liked the gold pair, it reminded me of the statue of liberty with it's green patina.

The cookies were mailed to California and unfortunately they were a little delicate and many didn't survive the trip. Luckily the shoe cobbler on the receiving end used white melting chocolate to get them back in one piece for the party.