Sunday, April 01, 2012

Muppet Cake!

Last year Chef Lodge had an edible version of himself 'muppetized' on display. It was so cute, I immediately knew I wanted to take that class when I had the chance.

Lucky for me that chance was this spring. I flew to Seattle to take the Lauren Kitchens 'muppetizing' class held at Mike's Amazing Cakes. Both Lauren and Mike have been on the show "Food Network Challenge".

Lauren took us step-by-step through the process. Due to the size of the finished product, I was not able to take the cake home with me. I made my friend's nephew and she made her niece. It was really cute to show them off to the kids the next day.

The muppets are sitting on a dummy cake and they are made out of rice crispy treats, modeling chocolate, and fondant.

First we rolled modeling chocolate in to the head.

Next we attached the body to the dummy cake with a wooden down and added some modeling chocolate to the neck area.

From here we added a fancy 'splat' for the muppet to 'jump' out of (so cute, love this idea - thanks Lauren!) and we covered the body in rolled fondant.

Now time to add the arms.

Next we attached the hands. Doesn't my muppet look excited to be bursting out of the cake?

Lauren was so cute she came around and used our cameras to take a picture of us working. She said her students are so busy they never get a photo of themselves, so she made sure and took a photo of each person in the class. Did I mention how cool she is? If you ever get a chance to take a Lauren Kitchens class just do it - don't think about, it will be totally worth it!

After the hands we started to add some unique features to our muppets. I wanted my muppet to be wearing a warm up jacket because he plays baseball. I added the crew neck to the jacket and knit cuffs at the sleeves. The jacket was finished with stripes down the arms and a snap front.

Forming the head and mouth was probably the hardest part of the entire process. Lauren was right there to ensure we completed each step perfectly.

The eyes and nose really give the muppet it's personality. Lauren showed us how to create eyes and noses for men, women, and children.

Last step was the hair. I was able to get it done with one single piece of modeling chocolate!

Lauren helped me make a baseball hat and with the baseball securely attached in his hand, my muppet was complete!

Lauren is a great teacher and just an overall fun person. The class was a blast and I'm so happy I had the chance to learn something new.

Now who is ready to order their cake muppet?