Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week In Review - 5.20.12

Monday 5/14 – Quiet day. Sautéed tilapia topped with salsa and served over brown rice for dinner and a side of oven roasted cauliflower (a very tan dinner, at least the salsa added some color). I also made an artichoke, but I didn’t cook it long enough – I need to make artichokes again to work on my technique. I wasn’t going to do it, but I ended up watching the Bachelorette – it’s not on the DVR so maybe I won’t get sucked in for the entire season!

Tuesday 5/15 – We keep trying to get a good sunset on the roof. Nothing spectacular yet, but the weather has been really nice and we’re on the roof just about every night. For dinner, roasted chicken (FD) and a salad with blue cheese and pistachios, also FD.

Wednesday 5/16 – One more sunset on the roof and then tasty sandwiches for dinner – whole wheat bread, avocado, arugula, soy bacon, buffalo chicken, and pepperjack cheese.

Thursday 5/17 – Kind of a repeat of Wednesday, sunset on the roof and then Caesar salad (FD) and artichoke and spinach pizza (FD) for dinner.

Friday 5/18 – Pre-dinner snack of fresh guacamole with chips and salsa followed by sunset on the roof. We’ve decided more young people have moved in to our building as we are seeing younger couples up on the roof. It used to be we were the only people up there for sunset on a regular basis. The pedal car (last Saturday’s event) made it to CA and even in time for the b-day party. According to my sources the car was a big hit. Dinner at KO Sushi and they spoiled us with a free appetizer (edamame) and free dessert (tempura fried green tea ice cream).

Saturday 5/19 – Breakfast at the Mansion and then an adventure on Roosevelt Island. Roosevelt Island sits on the East River right in between Manhattan and Queens. There is a tram that goes from Manhattan to the island and it is part of the MTA system, it is the same cost as riding a bus or subway. Once there we walked around the entire island, almost 4 miles. The weather was really nice, sunny and bright with a light breeze. The island once housed a small pox quarantine facility and the remains of one of the buildings are still there today. It’s an odd space as it has apartment buildings and some amenities but not too many people. It has the feel of a college campus, not a neighborhood in Manhattan. After taking the tram back to the city we went to Cavatappo for their weekend special “Afternoon Delight”, a bottle of wine and two appetizers for $35. We had a table right by the open windows and relaxed watching the world go by outside. After that little break we headed over to the Met to check out the new roof deck installation. The piece is a big group of connected pods, some are open and some are covered in a reflective material. You can walk up in them, but only if you have a timed admission ticket. We were not able to get tickets on Saturday, but it’s on the list of things to do for the summer. After the museum closed we headed to dinner at Hi Life. We ate at the same restaurant on the West Side a few weeks ago and decided to try the East Side location. We had a great table right by the open windows and once again enjoyed the parade of people along with our food and drinks.

Sunday 5/20 – Bagels for breakfast and then we each headed in different directions. I was unsuccessful in my mission to find white jeans for summer, but I did get lots of outside time and sat on a park bench in Union Square after my shopping trip. Union Square is not one of my favorite parks, it is small and very crowded and they don’t allow people on the lawn. And today the spot I was sitting in didn’t smell so nice – never a good thing! Michael headed to the park close to our apartment and also spent some time up on our roof deck. Dinner was delivery from Falafel House (one of our Sunday night favorites).