Thursday, March 28, 2013

PRun - Part I

The days kind of run together but I'm pretty sure it was last summer we enjoyed PRun season 9. You may remember, the unconventional challenge took the contestants to Dylan's Candy Bar

Well just the other day I was headed by Dylan's and what was on display?
That's right - some of the dresses from that challenge. Just four of them, I was wondering if the other dresses didn't hold up so well?

This dress was made from the store umbrellas. What's fun here, look in the background. You can see a portrait of Dylan made out of candy (I'm guessing jelly beans but I didn't go inside and take a closer look).

This was the winning dress. The judges really liked how many different kinds of candy she used in the design. The gummy sharks around the neck were very cool.

The four dresses on display. The black dress was made by Dimitri and it was really beat up - there were a lot of holes around the waist. I would have to look at the original design but there must have been a belt or something that had to be removed.

It had been so long since the challenge I didn't expect to see the dresses in the window. A nice surprise for a Saturday!