Wednesday, April 03, 2013

PRun - Part 2

This time I went looking for the PRun window display.

And I found it, right in front of Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue. The winning dress from the Lord & Taylor challenge a few weeks ago. Michelle's dress was cute and appeared to be flying off the rack as there were just 3 left in the store. The price tag was $259, which I felt was pricey for the dress. I'm pretty sure the dress in the window was the actual Michelle made; it was very well constructed and I liked the choice of fabrics. The design worked well for mass production as the dress on the rack appeared to be an exact copy of the dress in the window display.

As I was leaving the store I passed two girls in their early 20's walking in to the store. I could overhear one of them saying, "I remember coming here with my mom for my first party dress." So cute!