Thursday, March 29, 2007

Annoyance du Jour

Beckham is a pretty fussy eater. The only cat food he liked was caught up in the recent pet food recall. His food was pulled as a precautionary measure - but of course he ran out and we had to find him something new.

He finally decided on one flavor of Fancy Feast - the delicious Chicken Feast. I purchased some cans at the grocery store and paid dearly for the convenience.

Earlier this week I decided to see if I could get a better deal at our local Petco. Happy day - with my Petco frequent buyer card I could buy 10 cans for $5. This is almost half price compared to the grocery store.

I quickly piled up 20 cans and headed to the register.

When it was Beckham dinner time I popped a can and immediately noticed the food looked different (wuh wuhhhh). I plated it for him, hoping the difference wouldn't matter. Of course it did. He won't eat it.

Luckily I had a few cans of the 'good' food left. I compared labels and realized he likes the 'Gourmet Chicken Feast', not 'Roasted Chicken Feast'.

I have photos of the cans below - could the people that decided on the packaging made it any more confusing? The two foods have almost the same name and the label is almost identical in color. Who decided that was a good idea?

Luckily Trixie has stepped up to the plate and pitched in as a real team player. She is eating the 'Roasted Chicken Feast' without complaint.

Bad Food
Good Food