Thursday, January 10, 2008

Arts and Crafts

It was the year of Christmas crafts. I received so many awesome hand made gifts - I just can't stand the cleverness of my friends and family.
Big Daddy O was in his workshop many a night creating wooden toys. Many of us received these little dragsters. The rubber bands hook around a nail in the back axle, a few twists and they are rolling down the hallway. He made mine out of oak so it would be heavier than Michael's, a big advantage in the world of wooden car racing.

Bex painted and decoupaged for her friends and family. I received this awesome tray, which was immediately put in to use in the apartment.

The front has this gorgeous photo of the kids.

And the back has my Christmas card from last year (well thought out T).

Mel decoupaged my gift box (not pictured) to match the Gossip Girl themed gift (and if you don't hear Kristin Bell saying 'Hello Upper East Siders' when I mention Gossip Girl you are missing an excellent show) and she embroidered a set of beautiful organic cotton tea towels. (I already bought the towels and embroidery designs, I'm so stealing the idea for next year!)

And finally Linda created these intricate Disney die cuts. Every piece was individually cut and glued to the backing. The die cuts pictured below are just a sampling of her work. She made me 21 different Disney designs.