Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Restaurant Week Meal #2 - Blue Smoke BBQ

Dinner started out with both of us being stressed due to the subway having problems.

I was so proud of myself for leaving the house with plenty of time to get to dinner. Michael was coming straight from the office (well I guess I was coming straight from the office too, it's just my office is so much better than his office).

I get to the subway station and no trains, no trains, no trains. I needed to take the local train to get to the correct stop - but it was getting so late I decided I would take the first train that arrived in the station. And yes, it was the express train - now I had a decision to make, get off and Grand Central and walk south 15 blocks or get off and Union Sq and walk north 11 blocks. I decided to get off at Grand Central, better to get walking than have to back track.

I hustled and made it to the restaurant in about 15 minutes. Michael was able to catch a bus and was about 5 minutes behind me. Neither of us knew what the problem was with the trains - but it was a very annoying way to start dinner.

The restaurant week menu had some interesting options, but nothing outstanding. We both decided to order from the regular menu. The prices on the regular menu aren't outrageous, in fact we ended up spending less than we would have ordering from the restaurant week menu. We didn't get dessert - but my jeans think that is OK.

We started with the deviled eggs. Who doesn't love the creamy goodness of a deviled egg? Their eggs have lots of house seasoning, called 'magic dust' (surprisingly it tastes very similar to seasoning salt - I know, shocking). For dinner I had the pulled pork. It is served a huge mound of finely chopped pork on top of a piece of bread with a large side of beans. The beans are kind of spicy and saucy, very delicious. The bread is my favorite part (it is a carb....), it soaks up the sauce and the grease from the port and tastes amazing. Michael had the lean beef brisket with is served with mashed potatoes. The beef briskets is thinly sliced and it well seasoned and tender. The mashed potatoes are plain, maybe mashed with some salt and pepper and butter. They are fabulous. The potatoes are topped with some crispy fried onions.

Once we calmed down from our train issues we were able to enjoy a nice dinner.

Tonight - Bobby Flay and Mesa Grill!