Monday, February 18, 2008

Inspiration Point

Sunday we spent a few hours at the Met. I went directly to the relatively new Greco-Roman wing. While there I decided to go on the P Run Inspiration Scavenger Hunt! I wanted to find all of the pieces the designers used as inspiration for the last challenge and then find what inpired me.

It took me a little bit of searching through the statues, but I found Romi's Aphrodite first.

I was then off to the European Art section of the museum.

I found Christian's piece right away, with the painting Chris used just around the corner.

It took a ton of searching, but I finally found the Jason and the Argonauts piece that inspired Jillien.

I never did find the Peacock that inspired Sweet P. I thought it would be the easiest to find because most of the paintings featured people - a painting with just an animal should have been easy to pick out in the galleries. I'll have to look during my next visit.

It was a fun way to view the paintings because I was looking at them in a different way - not just what I thought about them, but more how they made me feel or how I reacted to the colors or presentation.

There were some pieces I really liked, but I don't know how I would translate them to a piece for the runway.

I loved the colors of this scene and the sense of tranquility - but how does that become a piece of clothing?

And this box was beautiful with such an elaborate design, but how to take the design elements and translate them to clothing?

In this painting I loved the bright red color and the sash and collar and of course the cats! The bird in the front is holding a calling card, this is where the artist signed the piece - so clever.

It's hard to see in this photo, but the subject in the painting had a great combination of a striped jacket and herringbone pantaloons. This might be too literal, but the fabric combination would be so cool for a fall line of clothing.

In this painting, I like the red, but the addition of the weapon and fur give it a touch of power the painting of the child is missing. A little bit of fierceness that would impress on the runway.

Since I'm not a desinger I'm not going to make my pick - but I'll be sure to keep these pieces in mind when I work on my first collection! (hah!)
The Met was horribly crowded - I was bumped and and banged by kids, tourtists, and strollers. It would have been nice to be there with no one else, those lucky P Run contestants!