Friday, February 08, 2008

Reporting from the Tents

For your reading pleasure, a brief report from my very brief visit to the tents at Bryant Park.

9am was the scheduled time for the Project Runway fashion show finale. I really wanted to find out if 5 contestants were showing collections (of course I was really hoping there would be an extra ticket or a need for seat fillers and I would actually make it inside to see the show).

Well I didn't get to the tent entrance until about 8:55. I saw a few contestants from previous seasons of Project Runway enter the tent: Malan Breton and Diana Eng. Malan came in from the side and kind of waved when he entered the tent and I believe he was wearing a fur coat. Diana came up from the street and posed for a picture for a reporter (professional photographer) before entering the tent. Unfortunately for Diana, Tyson Beckford came in about the same time and he was getting all of the fan photos. He looked very tall and handsome in a dark suit with a red tie.

The crowd outside was not as big as I expected - but the fans that were there were very excited about who they had seen and who they would see when the show was over.

Lots of well heeled women entered the tents - including one who made sure to take off her dark winter coat to reveal a beautiful bright pink tank dress. She made her entrance before the tent entrance.

You could see there was a big back up inside the tent doors. It must be a zoo, getting people in the right seats and seated close to on-time.

About 9:15 I left for work, but on my way to the train station I saw Allison Kelly walking over to Bryant Park. She looked very cute in a light tan/beige winter cape. I immediately wanted to own a coat like that, but I don't think I'm as glamorous (or tall) as Allison so it would probably look like a tee pee on me. She was pretty late but didn't look flustered.

I did hear one of the fans outside the tent ask about the possibility of seat fillers. She was told no way for this show, but sometimes they do pull people in for the shows in the afternoon (read less popular shows). I think that would be fun, especially for those of us not in the industry but would like to be a part of the buzz. Today is the last day of Spring Fashion Week - guess I'll have to wait for Fall Fashion Week to see if I can make it in to the tent!

Oh and of course I had no clue what to wear, but I needed to make a quick decision to get out the door and down to Bryant Park. It was cold but no wind or rain. I ended up in a dark denim pencil skirt, white oxford, black lightweight wool sweater, black tights, and black wedge heeled boots. I kept my jewelry simple, just my Swiss Army QCOM watch, small silver and black earrings, and a blown Venetian glass red heart necklace for a pop of color and nod to Valentine's Day. Outerwear included my dark gray winter wool coat, burnt sienna scarf, and black gloves - no hat and my hair was pulled in to a bun. I wanted to be warm and comfortable, but still look good if I was able to get in to see the show!