Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Zippity Zoppity

Show me the Zip Car!

Michael found another way for us to get around the city - a car sharing program called 'Zip Car'. While I really have no desire to drive in NYC, the idea of having a car available intrigued Michael. Basically Zip Car has cars in garages around the city that are available for a short term rental period. After paying an application fee and an annual fee the driver is able to rent a car in hour increments. The rate includes gas, insurance, and the garage parking fees.

We played So Cal living on Monday and rented the car for a Costco run. We were able to load up on cleaning supplies and items for the medicine cabinet. Not too much food - we just can't finish those super sized packages before they go bar or we get bored of whatever is inside.

Michael did a great job navigating the streets and bridges and it was a successful trial run of the Zip Car.