Tuesday, March 04, 2008

P.S. There was a celebrity on the plane

I can't believe I forgot to include this in my Miami blog!

Ted Allen was on our flight back to NYC Monday night. He must have been making his way home after the South Beach Food and Wine Festival. We did see the tents on the beach, but the tickets were either really pricey or sold out so we didn't take part in the Food and Wine Fest.

You might remember him from his endearing role as the Food Guy on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, as a guest judge on Iron Chef America and Top Chef, or maybe as a cookbook author. For more on Ted see this website: http://www.tedallen.net/

I spotted him right away (of course I wanted to call Mel, but the dead phone battery was an issue). I kept a sharp eye on his activities while we were waiting to board (drank 2 beers, checked Blackberry, and worked on laptop). Once we boarded he was seated in first class, with my sight line gone my interested faded and I settled in to my book.