Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bleecker St.

After living here for more than 3 years I have never visited the jazz/live music clubs on Bleecker St. They are famous for starting big name careers over the years.

Tuesday night I went out with some people from work (they were in town for a convention - stop thinking I went out with the cats!) and we did a nice tour of Bleecker.

We started with dinner at Fish - one of our new favorite restaurants. In fact if you have been in town to visit lately you've probably been there with us. Not only do we like it, but we like to take guests there as well. Once again Fish did not disappoint (and when you have PBR on tap, it is highly unlikely you will disappoint), the crowd left satisfied but ready for some adventure.

We took a short walk on Bleecker to Terra Blues. We did have to pay a $5 cover, but we sat in on two sets of live Blues. After the end of the second set we moved on to Kenny's Castaway. Kenny's had no cover (sweet!) and Tuesday night is 'neighborhood night'. If you have an instrument you can get on stage and play. They were pretty open with their definition of instruments - next time I am going to show up with my cowbell (because you all know it needed more cowbell). It was a laid back place where even people who were obviously not from the neighborhood were welcomed.

A night where I was just expecting dinner turned out to be a blast and the Manhattan office racked up some good PR.

For everyone that is planning to visit this is a preview - because you know once I find something I like I must share!