Monday, January 11, 2010

Ahh Delivery

Even by our standards the fridge was really empty last week.

We had been gone over Christmas and we had company in town the week of New Year's (meaning we were eating out all week). By last week it was Mother Hubbard's cupboard - there was basically nothing to eat.

Luckily Michael did one quick trip to the store so we had milk, a small block of cheese, eggs, English muffins, ice tea, tonic water, sparkling wine, and a couple slices of leftover pizza.

Fresh Direct to the rescue!
A few clicks of the mouse and the very next day I had at least a week of meals and I didn't have to go outside in the freezing weather. I love the magic of delivery!

The outside of our fridge had an upgrade as well. My friend in OR sent some very colorful artwork created by her (almost) 3 year old son. Yay for tempura paint and glitter.