Monday, January 11, 2010

Big News

Alternate title: Words I Never Thought Would Come Out of My Mouth

I am running in the NYC Half Marathon on March 21, 2010!

I submitted an application last month and through the lottery system it was accepted and I was assigned a bib number last week.

Time to hit the gym. I have a 12 week training schedule to get me ready. Of course I didn't do anything last week so I am a week behind. I'm just going to start today with week 2.

All racers have to be on target to finish in 3 hours or less. If you are running at a slower pace they come around about mile 7 and pick you up in a sweeper van. My only goal is to not get picked up by the van. (I have images of me running right in front of the van - just trying to stay a few feet ahead of it.)

The course is pretty cool. It starts in Central Park, goes through Times Sq. and finishes in Battery Park.

Wish me luck - I'll need it!