Thursday, March 18, 2010

Arts and Crafts

I was left to my own devices last weekend as Michael was enjoying the sun and Spring Training baseball in Tampa, FL. (He did get some rain too - one baseball game was cancelled and so was the round of golf. Boo hoo - and don't even get me started on his sun burn!)

I didn't make my usual plans to see a show, instead I had the biggest 'to do' list on the planet. Even as I was making the list I knew it was ridiculous. But I love a good list and I love crossing things off the list.
A friend of mine in San Diego recently had a baby - even before the baby was due I wanted to make her a baby blanket. Well little Colton was born before I was able to get the blanket made, but it was completed over the weekend and mailed yesterday - so he should get it before he is even a month old.
The front is a super soft fleece with embroidered dogs. They have the cutest chocolate lab named Tucker - I bet he is the best dog with the little baby.

The back is flannel with a tiny palm tree print - my homage to San Diego.

And of course the blanket is trimmed in shiny soft satin.

I hope he loves his blanky and yay for one more thing off of the list!