Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Blogus Interuptus

You may have noticed the daily posts of early February have slowed down considerably.

Here are the top reasons that have lead to the decline:

1) Olympic Fever - seriously I could not get enough of the Winter Olympics. They had me hooked with the Opening Ceremony Parade of Nations all the way through to the giant inflatable beavers at the 'Made in Canada' march during the Closing Ceremony. And how awesome is Curling? Curling was on quite a bit during the day and it while it was fun trying to figure out the point system and strategy the real entertainment came from the announcers. They had 3 Canadian Curlers and Fred Roggin doing color commentary. It was nothing less than awesome. A bientot Winter Olympics!

2) Immediate cessation of project acclimatization - between the Olympics (I kept staying up for the late night coverage) and my real dislike for waking up early the 7am rise and shine has moved to a more acceptable 8am. And for those of you who think I am slacking off - don't worry, I'm at the office by 8:01am. Work doesn't suffer, just the blog.

3) Medical emergencies - our sweet kitty Sadie had a stroke last Monday night. She had us very scared and she was in the ICU at Animal Medical Center until Saturday evening. At that point she was discharged but with a plan for some intensive home care. She is proving to be quite a fighter and she has been making incredible progress at home. She still wants to be living large as a Fat Cat in NYC and we are doing all we can to support her efforts.

The good news is I have several blogs about Vermont brewing. I plan to work them in and get you all caught up soon .