Sunday, February 10, 2013

A 'Wicked' Saturday Night

This past Saturday night was fabulous because not only did I see a great show but....

For every performance of Wicked there is a lottery rush for tickets. 26 front row seats are given away in a lottery and each ticket is just $30!

I was so excited when they called my name. I have wanted to see Wicked for quite a while now and then to get a front row seat for such an amazing price was just the perfect storm of awesome.

The seat and the show did not disappoint. The music was so incredible and being so close you could see how much the performers put in to every song and every bit of dialogue. I could make eye contact with performers and I could see every detail in the costumes.

My favorite was the end of act one when Elphaba sings 'Defying Gravity'. I've heard the song before and I was looking forward to the song in the show. It totally exceeded my expectations - I had goosebumps as the curtains closed for intermission.

The story of Wicked is really clever and the songs move the story forward seamlessly. I would absolutely recommend this show and see it again.