Monday, February 18, 2013

For My Valentines

This year I sewed pieces of fancy chocolate bark in to paper sandwich bags for all of my Valentines.
And even though I can't figure out how to flip this photo in the right direction, you can still see how darn cute they look.

Originally I was going to use pieces of wax paper or parchment paper but when I saw the paper sandwich bags in the store I knew they would be perfect (and easier to work with than two separate pieces of paper).

First I cut a heart template out of a piece of cardboard.
Next I traced the heart on the back of the bag (I decided they looked better when the back of the bag was on top when going through the sewing machine.)
After that I added the name to the front and chose the appropriate flavor of chocolate (five spice with dried pear, dark chocolate with slivered almonds and dried cherries, espresso with cracked coffee beans on top, or white chocolate and pretzel with pink sprinkles).
I sewed the bag halfway and then added the chocolate and finished sewing the heart.

I only had a two ripped bags and ended up with about 45 cute little packets.