Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cheesesteak Anyone?

We spent one day of the Waldron visit in Philadelphia. Just a two hour train ride to get to this historic city. Compared to my last visit, in 1993, the downtown historic area was really clean and visitor friendly. While the crown jewels of a traditional visit include Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

We arrived too late in the day to get tickets to see Independence Hall. Walking through the huge new Visitor Center we pretty much walked right in to the National Constitution Center.

Not only did they have a great special display of baseball memorabilia, they have a fabulous permanent exhibit all about (yes, you guessed it) the Constitution. We spent all afternoon here - there was so much to see and do.

Lot of interactive displays give you a real sense of how the Constitution was developed and how it shapes our nation today.

Hey look - it's the new Waldron $5 bill!

The last exhibit was the 'Hall of Signers' - life size bronze statues of the signers of the Constitution. Did you know only two presidents signed the Constitution? (Madison and Washington). Where was Thomas Jefferson - he was in France doing diplomatic work. Also the average height of a man was just 5'8". Madison was really petite and Washington really stood tall - easy to see why he would be a commanding leader.

Michael speaking to a packed house.

(His dad was just being silly - I didn't get what he was doing at first, but it's pretty funny.)