Thursday, May 08, 2008

Invasion of the Waldrons

All the craziness started mid-April. We were so happy to have Michael's parents visiting lovely NYC!

We packed in as much as possible while they were here.

The started off with a trip to the famous Carnegie Deli for mile high pastrami sandwiches.
Below is a picture of Michael's mom and dad at the deli.

Once they had a nice big lunch it was off to the Panorama of New York City and the surrounding park.

The weather could not have been better - during their entire visit I think we only had rain on the day they were leaving town.

After taking some fabulous close up photos of the panorama (Michael's dad has a great digital camera - wait until you see Beckham's latest photo using the zoom) -

they headed outside. Michael and his mom pose in front of the Unisphere.

The next day both Michael and I had to work - left to their own devices his parent took the Circle Line boat tour around the island.

Later in the visit the guys would hit golf balls at the Chelsea Piers driving range (while the girls enjoyed the very entertaining Broadway show Spamalot).

They were visiting the same time the Pope was in town. When their boat went up the East River they were escorted the entire way by an armed Coast Guard boat. The Pope was speaking at the UN the same time they were on the tour, the tour boat goes up the East River right behind the UN building.

They snapped this great show of the new Yankee stadium, scheduled to open next season. You can see a little bit of old Yankee stadium in the right side of the photo - the new stadium is being built right next door to the old stadium. I'm not sure what will happen to the old stadium...

And this cute little red light house is way up at the north end of Manhattan, even though it isn't used any more it was never torn down because a book was written about it. The Little Red Lighthouse and the Big Grey Bridge by Hildegarde Swift - it teaches a lesson about being significant in this world even if you are small.

Michael and I met up with his parents in the evening and we had drinks and appetizers at Oyster Bar and then we had a fabulous dinner at craftbar.

I had a spicy seafood stew that was out of this world. The broth was tomato based and was almost like a thinned out bisque with a little bit of heat. The assortment of seafood included fish, shrimp, and lobster. Michael's dad had a good basic pasta in red sauce and if I remember correctly he and his mom ordered a fish dish. The best part of the meal was dessert. I ordered two scoops of the ice cream - malted milk and coffee crunch. The coffee crunch was good, but the malted milk was outstanding. I think MomO needs to work on that recipe for the ice cream maker this summer!

Saturday I started the day with the Pope and then met up with them for lunch. We ate a relatively new place called Stout. A fun beer bar/restaurant. Good burgers and salads and a huge been selection. From there we headed to the Transit Museum in Brooklyn. After our fill of learning about the NYC transit system we took a short break and spent a few hours at the Met. Finally with the Met closing for the night we had a nice Italian dinner.

Sunday we spent the day in Philadelphia. Michael's parents stayed a few more days in the Philly area with some long time family friends. They did antiquing and visited the QVC store. Did you know they have a store where they sell all of the stuff you see on t.v.? And even better they have an outlet store that sells everything that has been returned, at a big discount.

When they were back in NYC we took them to another one of our favorite BBQ joints - Blue Smoke (although it is a little classy to be referred to as a BBQ joint - this is more of a BBQ restaurant). We thought we would get the meat eating out of the way before the veges (Michael's sister and her boyfriend) came in to town. Dinner was a hit and there were enough leftovers for me to have lunch later in the week.