Friday, November 17, 2006

3 Quick Cat Stories

Wednesday 11/15/2006
Sadie becomes the first cat to adventure outside of the apartment door. She was waiting by the door when I got back from the grocery store. She has been doing that quite a bit - I decided it was time to let her look around the corner. Next thing I know she darts down the hallway! To see Sadie run is quite a sight, she just doesn't run very often. My hand were full (of course), I dropped all the bags inside and luckily she heard something and came running back inside, I didn't have to chase her through the building. She went all the way down our hallway to the next set of stairs - quite a distance.

Thursday 11/16/06
Beckham jumped up on the couch to snuggle with Michael. He curled up next to him and then moved to his lap. An unprecedented move for the typically twitchy tabby.

Friday 11/17/06
Roxy and Beckham come face to face with a squirrel. Early in the morning both Roxy and Beckham were looking out the window, a squirrel came along and went right up to them. The squirrel had his paws on the glass and was trying to sniff the kitties and they were trying to sniff at him. It was so cute.