Thursday, November 02, 2006


12 years old
Black, Domestic Medium Hair

Likes: Food, Blackjack, Food, Giving Love, Food, Snuggling, Food, Grooming, Food

Dislikes: Moving

Sadie and Trixie are sisters. Sadie is very sweet - she is a lap cat, always looking for someone to cuddle up with for some grooming or petting. Sadie loves Blackjack - even though he doesn't always appreciate her affections.

When Sadie was just a kitten she jumped on a dresser with a lit candle, as she turned to jump off the dresser her tail caught on fire. It was just a little bit of burnt fur, no permanent damage!

When we lived in Solana Beach I used to put up a cat Christmas Tree. It was a fake tree that was decorated with crinkle shreds, yarn, and lots of cat toys. Every morning the cat Christmas Tree would be knocked over - Sadie would get in the branches and play for hours.

Sadie is also a calendar model. She was Miss December in the Qualcomm cats calendar of 2000.

Sadie has tufts on her ears, that is how to tell her apart from Trixie.